About Us


OriginalSoon Teng Poultry Sdn. Bhd. (STP) was founded by Tan Family as a colored-breed (ayam kampung) broiler producer that breeds and rears its own livestock in Year 1996. Today, with nearly 4 million of day-old-chick (DOC) are being rears anually in STP’s 23 contracted/rented farms.

The world market demand for the colored broiler exists because it satisfies the local traditions, and fills the gap for a quality product. This market continues to grow and will be driven by the requirement for quality, animal welfare and the further development of products with a strong brand name.

In daily basis, STP delivers fresh and frozen-processed colored-breeds of chicken to almost 150 regular customers in local market; super/hyper market, foodservice; food & beverage processing; hospitality; government; & retail industries, and has became one of the key players in Malaysia for “Ayam Kampung” supplying. Also, the company produces a variety of dealer-own brands for a number of retailers and wholesalers.

TODAY, STP is no longer simply a chicken producer, but a company that has placed the consumer at the heart of its business – creating millions of memorable meal occasions every month, with more than RM16-million Malaysia annual sales.


Although STP is running in a competitive market, the management realizes and believes that by fulfilling all requirements and regulation by Authority Parties will enable the company to grow faster and obtains a customer’s confident & trust which it is very important sustaining longer and stronger in their business.


STP is very concern as well quality of products supplied to their clients. Therefore in order to ensure it’s always in satisfied and safety level, the company had investing in Chicken’s Health Care Preventive Illness Program and monitored by authority bodies from Malaysia and Singapore. Both are responsible to do regular check-up to ensure the farms, DOCs, and chicken supplied met all health requirements and regulation.


Beside, to keep supplied chicken always stay in good health, STP also investing at least 5-10% of production cost to buy all neccessary vitamin, supplement, vaccine and medical from their suppliers. Based on this strategy, STP is proud to say their provision for death, sick and damage of chicken is rarely meet or above expectation. This will help to increase turnover indirectly as well as customer confident on chicken’s quality and poultry production activities.


With the commitment from the experienced directors and well-trained staff, we believe STP could run to the sky achieving what ever goal has been determined by the management. We also strongly believe STP’s successive years is ahead to come!